This is the title of a book by me that is coming out in summer 2019, to be published by SAGE.

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SAGE didn’t have space for the traditional author’s acknowledgements, so here it is:

This book was written while I was supported by the ESRC through the Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) at the University of Essex and so any royalties from this publication will be donated to Shelter, the Trussell Trust, and Gingerbread, three charitable organisations (non-profits) working to tackle different aspects of poverty and inequality in the UK.

I am very grateful to Alex Beer, Kate Bell, Catherine Brewer, Kirsty Brewer, Haroon Chowdry, Chris Grey, Tina Haux, Gina Hocking, Stephen Jenkins, Agnes Norris Keiller, Tara Keliher Johns, Renee Luthra, Katie Schmuecker, Holly Sutherland, Iva Tasseva, Daniel Waldenström and Tom Waters for commenting on drafts, to Torsten Bell and Adam Corlett for discussions on key issues. The Institute for Fiscal Studies kindly shared their historical data on the income distribution, and I thank Jonathan Cribb for the analysis in Figure 1.3. Lainey provided baby cuddles at key moments, Steph kept my legs working throughout despite Alina’s best efforts to wreck them, and Tina was a fabulous writing partner.  Thank you to my wife and children for putting up with me, generally, and as I wrote this book. I dedicate this to CB, AB and JB with the hope that this sort of book need not be written when your generation are in charge.